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Assault Fire

The game places you into an on-going war between humans and mutants and you’re asked to choose a faction to fight for. There are two factions to choose from; the first faction is the GSDU which is basically run by the government whereas the other faction is the Resistance which was formed by a bunch of renegades who were against the methods of the GSDU. The faction you choose has a substantial impact on your gameplay as there is certain equipment that is restricted to each faction.

The defining factor of pretty much the entire MMOFPS genre is that the games consist of high intensity, fast-paced gameplay with some competitive aspects added into the mix and Assault Fire certainly has all the above. There is great fun to be had because your gameplay will consist of both standard FPS gameplay coupled with the fact that you can actually board giant mechs from time to time to unleash havoc upon your enemies.

The thing that makes the gameplay so great is that it’s quite dynamic. One moment you’ll be cautiously taking out waves of enemies from behind cover but within minutes this can change to you completely demolishing your enemies on a giant battle mech equipped with devastating weapons.

Genres:MMO, Shooter, Action
Developer:Tencent Games
Business Model:Free-To-Play

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