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Bleach Online, a new free-to-play turn-based online browser game. The story of Bleach Online takes place in a mysterious world which is divided into Human World, Soul Society and Hallow Circle. Players will act as a person who was seriously wounded and awakened from 1000 years of sleep. To find your lost memories, players will head over to Human World and set out on an unusual journey with a mix of friendship and plot.

Based on pure Japanese anime techniques and authentic anime story, Bleach Online features fast turn-based combat, the anime characters and skills taken from Bleach universe, the unique gameplay of 45° viewing angle, and more.

In this game, players can recruit partners, set up their own bleach squad, and change formations according to strategies. And the important thing, it’s Free-to-Play!

Genres:Fantasy, MMORTS, MMORPG
Business Model:Free-to-Play

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