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Empire Universe 3

Empire Universe 3 is the third game in a series of Empire Universe games, brought to us by Looki Publishing. It is a browser-based empire-builder with focuses on RTS-style elements. You can choose from a selection of species and planets to start your empire on and expand by conquering, researching, and building. It aims to be the ultimate in browser-based sci-fi games.




  • Empire Building – Build your empire from the ground up and expand.
  • Resource Management – Conquer new plants and construct resource facilities to build your fleets.
  • Deploy Fleets – Build and control space ships, group them in to fleets and use them to expand and maintain your empire.
  • Tech Research – Develop your empires technology by training scientist to research.
  • Rich Sci-fi Setting – Choose from many different races, each unique to the Empire Universe lore.

Empire Universe 3 has every feature you could want from a space-themed empire builder. Resource management, conquering, tech advancement. It’s all there. The good news is that with Empire Universe 3, you are getting the refined and polished features tried in the previous two games. The only feature I did not like was the long wait times when doing certain things, such as upgrading buildings or some advanced research, and it is FREE TO PLAY!

Developer:Looki Publishing
Business Model:Free-to-Play

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