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Generals Of War

In the light of the First World War you’ll take on the role as the general, who’s capable of changing the world’s fate. Fight for the your country’s welfare and defend it as good as you can. Annihilate the enemies, who got in your way and use your military power against thousands of players. Spy them out, trade with them, fight with them, team up with them, create alliances und explore new ways of warfare. Everything that leads you to victory is permitted.




Wars are consuming a lot of money, your economy has to run smoothly. Don’t let the supply lines and the production of your factories come to a deadlock. Only the correct supply of your armies with ressources and the production of units and buildings will lead you to victory.

Take part in battles or long wars. Join a bunch of great events, which are also making the game even more interesting! Show your skills, climb up the ranking ladder and position yourself among the best players. Use your diplomatic abilities and the right strategy to change the course of politics and make history!

Genres:MMORTS, Strategy
Business Model:Free-to-Play

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