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Metin 2

Join this epic client-based game and be taken to an eastern fantasy world with impressive landscapes, dangerous battles and endless adventures… Metin2 allows you to master the ancient practice of martial arts, in order to protect your fellow citizens from the evil Metin stones that threaten the natural balance and order of the world. Once you have downloaded and installed the client onto your PC, players are able to enter the mysterious world of Metin2. 

For a long time the precious Dragon God’s breath had protected the vast kingdoms of Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno in the client game Metin2. This beautiful land is now threatened by the evil power of the Metin stones. These stones have caused widespread destruction and sparked a war between the three kingdoms. Wild animals have turned into ferocious beasts and the dead have risen as blood-thirsty and raging creatures. 

Your mission is to train and master the sacred practice of martial arts and overcome the enemies that the Metin stones have sent out. Strive to save your kingdom from the grips of evil and become a hero in the midst of tumultuous times. 

In the client game Metin2 there is a large continent players can explore, either by foot or on horse. Around each corner lies new adventures, as well as a lurking danger, ensuring you must always be on guard and prepared for the worst. You are also able to build up and expand your own fortress and castle as you conquer the land and your enemies. Learn a number of powerful skills, join a guild and more in the epic fantasy role-playing game Metin2.

Genres:MMORPG, Adventure
Business Model:Free-to-Play

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