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My Lands

My Lands:Black Gem Hunting in free online browser game. Its Military-economic game. There are 4 races there: Knights, Elves, Dark elves and Demons. Everybody have their advantages

Knights: High gold production.Stronger cariers.Better warehouses

Elves: High wood production.Most powerfull healers.

Dark elves: Good wood production(but worst than elves). Good iron production.Most powerfull Mages.

Demons: High stone production.Most powerfull mercenaries.

At the start of the game you have only one city with villages(there are 4 villages.8 сells for building in each)
You can build up to 6 towns.

Theres good science system. You need science to study carriers,warriors,cavalry etc
You need science to study colonization and cartography.

There is good fight system.
In every army there are:

  • Carriers (They take resources from towns and ruines. They are like shields for main army)
  • Warriors (They chase archers but they are chased by cavalry)
  • Flying (They chase cavalry but are chased by archers)
  • Archers (They chase flying but are chased by warriors)
  • Heallers (They heal dead troops after battle)

And the most important – you can make real money plaing this game. You can transfer black gems to dollars and put it on your webmoney etc(100 black gems= 1 $)

Genres:MMORTS, Strategy
Developer: Gravvit Ltd
Business Model:Free-to-play

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