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Seafight – Swashbuckle your way through treacherous seas to amass riches and fame
Embark on a dangerous journey through seas fraught with abominable sea beasts and scurrilous pirates. Forge your legacy!

Pirates to the starboard side, monsters on the port! Man your stations, ready the cannons, sharpen the harpoons and fire a warning shot across her hostile brow! Blast a harpoon deep into the gullet of that floating monstrosity! And keep yer swashbuckling mitts on the hilt of your cutlasses. In Bigpoint’s hit adventure browser game Seafight you never know who or what’ll be attempting to board your outfit or attack your hull.


The Seafight seas are a storied set of treacherous waterways that go way beyond the man-made confines of your standard browser game. Engage in massive sea skirmishes by joining a group of like-minded, and similarly skilled, players to dispatch of slimy sea beasts that’d otherwise be too strong to overcome. But ungodly abominations aren’t the only dangers lurking about the ocean in Seafight.

In Seafight you can strike the alliances you need and break them when it serves your aims. Or you can go it alone, before forging a partnership with a like-minded corsair. No matter the route you take, employ a suitable strategy tailored to maximize your captaining capabilities.

Genres:MMORPG, Strategy
Business Model:Free-to-Play

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