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Vindictus takes place in the same setting used in Mabinogi, but is placed chronologically several hundred years prior to the first game during a period of war and strife. Vindictus follows Nexon’s traditional free-to-play model. The game itself is free to download and play and charges no purchase price. The game contains a virtual item shop to purchase in-game items with Nexon’s virtual currency called NX (or Karma Koin) to enhance the player’s character’s appearance and abilities.

In Vindictus, “classes” and “characters” are one and the same. When beginning the game, players will have a choice to play as one of eight characters, each of which has different combat skills and abilities. Players are free to alter certain aspects of their character’s appearance, but basic abilities and combat styles are set at character creation. All characters are gender-locked. Though the game was originally intended to have five characters, there are now currently eight.

One can only go to dungeons to gain Experience or complete quests (although quests can be sometimes be completed just by talking to NPCs). One can do either venture to dungeons alone or go with some other people. If one goes in a party with other people, monsters will become stronger, but there is more chance to survive a battle with a friend. Also, when in a party, the health capacity of bosses will increase. One can do dungeons on Normal, Hard, or Hero modes. Hero mode can only be unlocked from lvl 50.


Business Model:Free-to-Play

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